What Works For Me?

This week, Julie talks to Dr. Wendy White about making choices that work for you. Not anyone else. YOU. Because we are all different, and the best choice we can make is to listen to our bodies. Read more about Dr. Wendy and listen to another great podcast!

“I’ve been a practicing, licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and nutritionist for 12 years. In my early twenties, I was intuitively drawn to the science of food and the role that our dietary choices play in supporting our vitality, or, conversely in contributing to chronic pain, discomfort and illness. I take a “nature cure” approach to prevention and healing. My aim is to empower every one of my patients and students to understand the interconnected systems of their body and its specific needs. In this way, you learn to tune in to the signals your body is telling you. Only then can you give it what it needs to heal, to thrive.

Building from a “nature cure” philosophy, I specialize in developing personalized lifestyle plans that align with your unique genetic makeup and lifestyle. I enjoy helping people who are struggling with allergies, gastrointestinal issues, and their relationship with food. In addition to individualized, whole-food nutrition, I also draw on homeopathy, lifestyle recommendations, and botanical medicines.”