Our Staff & Board

We are a group of mental health warriors. We each have a story-a reason for why we do what we do for the Mary Rose Foundation. Get to know us! We can't wait to get to know you more.

Julie Allen Founder Mary Rose Foundation

Julie Allen


Julie Allen started the Mary Rose Foundation because she understands first hand how expensive and difficult it is to obtain treatment for eating disorders. Julie struggled with anorexia and bulimia for 15 years and has made it her mission to empower women to love themselves and embrace themselves whole heartily. Julie's message is simply one of strength, courage, self-compassion, and most of all, hope.

amy de silva

Amy Da Silva


Amy is a devoted wife and mother to one child and two French Bulldogs. Her extended background in the art of dance for over 30 years has led Amy to strive towards transforming the stereotypical body image youth of all ages are led to believe is beautiful. It is with this experience Amy has vowed to serve on the Mary Rose Foundation Board to help today’s youth overcome such stereotypes and embrace the beauty that resides within themselves.

suzanne sanchez LPC

Suzanne Sanchez, LPC

Suzanne is a mental health therapist who specializes in eating disorders and negative body image problems. In her private practice, she works with adults, teens, and their supports. She is passionate about helping people find a healthy relationship with food, exercise, and body image, and to free themselves from diet culture so they discover their true life purpose. She is also a mom of two and enjoys living room dance parties, mini road trips, and watching Marvel movies with her family.

michelle johnson

Michelle Johnson

Michelle is an Oregon native, stay at home mom of two (crazy busy) boys and one teenage stepdaughter. She has a Bachelors in Education, 8 years of business management experience, and now owns her own Marketing/Design company that she runs out of her home. She has studied abroad in Europe, lived in 4 different states, and has a passionate love of travel and different cultures. While working in the school setting, it was apparent that messages of self-love and body positivity were severely lacking with the younger generation and that's why the Mary Rose Foundation and their mission had such an appeal.

shannon tjostolvson

Shannon Tjostolvson

Shannon is a stay at home mom of two with a passion for event planning and raising awareness for causes that she feels strongly about. You can find her most days volunteering at her children’s elementary school as a member of the PTO or around town helping plan events for the Mary Rose Foundation. Shannon feels strongly about spreading the Mary Rose Foundation’s message: one of self acceptance and hope for ALL humans, no matter their size or story.

stacey blixhavn

Stacey Blixhavn


Stacey is a mama of two amazing kids and a RN manager for Randall Children’s Hospital. She grew up in Michigan and has lived in Oregon since 2006. Through her nearly 20 years working in the medical field she has had the opportunity to care for many patients and families in need and seen how much support they needed both emotionally and financially. Stacey is passionate about MaryRose for she has always struggled with her body image and has a loved one who battles with an eating disorder.  She wants to continue to bring awareness, positivity, encouragement and self love to all members of our community so they know they are supported.