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Even the strongest person needs support.


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Foundation Fairies


The Foundation Fairies is a mental health outreach program implemented by the foundation during COVID. It was felt that now more than ever, people needed to know that they are loved and thought about. The Fairies provide mental health-boosting baskets featuring self-love and self-care items such as journals, bath and body items, candles, coloring books, and so much more. The Fairies provide 5 baskets each month to those who are nominated on the Facebook group page. Three baskets are given to kids, and two baskets to adults. Here are some responses from basket givers and giftees:

"My girlfriend was surprised and delighted by her basket. What a wonderful pick me up. It brought a much-needed smile to her face!"

"The more I look in my fairy box the more treasures I find. Thank you so much for nominating me. Whoever put it together is a very thoughtful person. It has all the perfect things"

"So fun to deliver this awesome Foundation Fairy basket to an amazing person who has been working tirelessly on behalf of local businesses during this challenging CV-19 time, always with a smile and positive attitude. So many awesome treats for her to relax, enjoy, and keep her "sparkle" going!"

"Ellie was so excited to receive her basket! Thank you ladies for all your kindness and hard work! You truly make a difference!"

"Yesterday was a very emotionally hard day for me but then I was visited by one of your Fairies! What a huge morale booster!! It was a huge blessing!! YOU GALS ROCK!! THANK YOU!!"