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To truly know joy, you must have known pain. There is so much strength and courage in asking for help.

Eating Disorder Resources

Here are a list of current eating disorder resources.

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Columbia River Eating Disorder Network is the PNW's local support/treatment resource list for ED professionals.

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Search the PNW for an eating disorder specialist/treatment provider.

support 3

Conversations about body image, empowering one another, and art. This group is for all teens/tweens wanting a positive relationship with food/body image.

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This group is for you if you want to heal yourself to empower the teen/tween in your life to love themselves.

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This is for supports to learn + connect with other parents, partners and family. Each month there’s a different topic and opportunities to get questions answered. This month the group call will be Monday, January 20th 6pm, PST on the topic Navigating Diet Culture in the New Year.

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This is an ecourse to learn the basics. The whole course is about 90 minutes and comes with a workbook, a resource list, and mealtime discussion cards.

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Every Tues evening, January-March, this is a group for teens diagnosed with eating disorders to meet for support.
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Wellness & weight loss, debunked & decoded.