Education Programs


The Mary Rose Foundation has created a community-supported program to address the mental health needs of our local middle and high schoolers. The focus of the Mary Rose Foundation has been to provide financial scholarships for young people who are undergoing treatment for eating disorders and offer resources about the impacts of them. This will continue to be part of the Mary Rose Foundation mission and a support for youth and families in the area.

The Rosey club program invites teens/tweens to a body positive art group to talk about their experiences with body image, self-esteem, and the different pressures that they are facing. By exploring positive ways to handle stress, establishing realistic goals and connecting with others, our youth will be better equipped to combat the many obstacles that they face. Working together, our youth will be empowered to love and accept themselves and others as they are.

What we offer:

-Presentations on eating disorders, fatphobia, and diet culture. Ideal for health classes at middle school/high school level, educators, and parents. Please email [email protected] to request presentation. Can be done in person or virtually.

-Rosey Club: Body positive art groups held monthly at SoulFlags Community Center in downtown Oregon City, OR. Please see calendar of events for upcoming dates.

-Ditching Diet Culture Support Group: Adults recognizing and dismantling their own issues with diet culture in order to break the cycle of dieting and unhealthy body image. The group provides tools for adults to support their teens/tweens in their lives.

-Mentorship Program: Individuals work one on one with students on a project of mutual interest. Volunteers are through the Oregon City School District and a stipend is available for supplies. Please complete the following form for further information: