We’re Not Broken

“Diet culture is anything that tells us that our value and our worth is determined or connected to our size or our weight or our appearance”….

This week, Julie is talking to Tiffany Thoen, Intuitive Eating coach. Here is her story:

“I am an RN, trained as an Integrative Coach under my nursing license and certified in Intuitive Eating. Personally, I have been in recovery from substance use for 21 years and struggled with food prior to my substance use and still struggle with food after I got sober, for many years.

To be vulnerable, a while back my struggle with food brought me to my knees. I was trying to eat perfectly to fix my chronic health issues. I would inevitably fall off the wagon and binge. While I was not diagnosed with an eating disorder, I know that at various points I would have met the criteria for binge eating disorder (had I discussed openly with my health care provider) and had signs of orthorexia. This cycle of restriction and then binging was causing so much shame and made me feel like an imposter and hypocrite. Then one day, when I was measuring my broccoli, I realized the insanity of the cycle. I decided to get help.

Fortunately, the provider I went to was trained in Intuitive Eating. It was life changing for me. I was able to let go of all of the “shoulds” and build connection and trust with my body. I am so glad I did because today I have ease in my relationship with food. I found balance, satisfaction and freedom. During my recovery/healing process, I started talking with more and more women who were stuck in that struggle. I could hear how much pain it was causing them. I decided to become certified in Intuitive Eating and devote my coaching work completely to Intuitive Eating.”

Listen to our conversation with Tiffany to hear more about what she has to say about intuitive eating, diet culture, and how we can change the messages to ourselves to a more nurturing and kind voice.

If you’d like to get in touch with Tiffany, you can reach her at www.coachtiffanyrn.com