Silence The Shame

We are so excited to bring you a brand new podcast….A Rose is a Rose. We want to silence the shame that surrounds eating disorders so we’re going to talk about it. Candidly. With amazing people who have dealt with eating disorders, who are therapists in the mental health world, who believe in body positivity and self love, and who all want to share their stories to help others.

Our first guest is Caleen Froelich, an amazing mom of two, eating disorder conqueror, and health coach. Check out her bio and join us tomorrow for an incredible debut podcast with Caleen.

“I am a mom of two amazing kiddos,  a certified personal trainer and health coach with a passion for helping women (and men) find their health through nutrition and exercise. Our world is obsessed with diet, macros, food and the number on a scale and we can get stuck in the lie that our pant size holds our worth.   I like to help people see outside of that. I get to turn down the noise of this diet culture and offer a bit of hope. Health looks different on everyone and I love tailoring a program to get people the results they are looking for.”