Dawn: Hope in Recovery

In our most recent podcast, Julie talks with Eleanor Loseby, London resident and eating disorder survivor. Eleanor has an exciting new journal that she has created for those who are recovering from an eating disorder. Read more from Eleanor below and please enjoy a beautiful podcast recording.

“I have launched a Kickstarter campaign as part of my illustration degree with a journal for people to use in eating disorder recovery. If funded it will act as a tool for people in a tough place and help others in their recovery journey. “.Dawn” has writing prompts, some workbook style pages (information has been provided by therapists and reputable, referenced sources), self care techniques and illustrated quotes to pull out as positive reinforcements.

Clinical recovery centres often focus specifically on the physical side of this very psychological illness. In my treatment for anorexia nervosa, the focus was directed into the essential weight restoration for physical health while my mental health still suffered. I really struggled with this, even at a fully restored weight I was far from recovered and my anorexic thoughts led me to relapse over and over again. I felt broken. While my mood definitely lifted at a proper weight, I was still consumed by the exact same hatred of my body as I had been for so many years. 

While I will never be able to thank my team enough I believe I never reached full recovery in their care because something was missing. This is where my journal comes in. Journaling is an amazing tool and has been something that’s been imperative in my own recovery. Now in recovery, I am determined to make this illness less painful for others. By combining journalling, mini challenges, and the support of a safe online community, I hope to address the gap in some current treatment plans while allowing a space for people to work through difficult emotions.”

You can find out more about this fantastic journal here. Support this necessary publication.