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I beg you take courage; the brave soul can mend even disaster.

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Julie Allen

Allen started the Mary Rose Foundation because she understands first hand how expensive and difficult it is to obtain treatment for eating disorders. Julie struggled with anorexia and bulimia for 15 years and has made it her mission to empower women to love themselves and embrace themselves whole heartily. Julie's message is simply one of strength, courage, self-compassion and most of all, hope.


Executive Director

Shannon Tjostolvson

Shannon is a work from home mom of two with a passion for event planning and connecting people who passionately pursue their dreams. She loves to see others rise by helping them harness mutual synergy to bring new reality to their ideas. Shannon has found herself pouring her heart, mind and efforts into furthering the Mary Rose message: one of self-acceptance and hope for ALL women, no matter what their size or story.

Board Members


Ali Mansfield


carissa gobble

Carissa is a work from home mom of 3, writer, marketer, and event coordinator. After growing up in 3 different countries she has observed the power of culture on our views of our self and bodies. Her heart is to bring awareness to the hidden and subtly impact culture so her children will grow up with support and encouragement in their identities.



Brittany Nelson

Brittany is a stay at home mom to three beautiful children. She’s always had a passion for helping others and found Julie’s mission to be one worth getting involved with. Having struggled with her own negative weight perceptions and body image, Brittany is joining forces with Julie and the foundation to change the lives of those battling eating disorders and help them achieve the life they deserve!